Trans Week of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility is March 31st, and SSU dedicates at least one week every March and April to celebrate trans and gender diverse people. This year, we are offering a variety of virtual social events, discussions, and educational workshops that center trans communities and allies. To make this possible, The HUB Cultural Center collaborates with campus and community partners, including CAPS, Student Involvement, LGBTQ Connection, and Positive Images.

Check out the events or download the official TWOV flyer below.


America In Transition Documentary Screening

America in Transition Logo

Monday, March 29th | 5pm | Join Zoom

This documentary amplifies the experiences of transgender people of color across the United States — on themes of immigration, healing from trauma, sexual violence, HIV criminalization, faith, and military service. Join us for this screening, followed by a Q&A with Z Shane Zaldivar, a trans person featured in the documentary!


Gender & Sexuality Workshop: Terminology Foundations

Philly Pride Flag

Tuesday, March 30th | 10am-12pm | Register Here

This workshop is for folks interested in learning more about queer and trans inclusive language, as well as terminology important to queer and trans communities. Click here to register.


Black &...Gender

Black &...Lips

Tuesday, March 30th | 12pm | Join Zoom

Black & a HUB dialogue series for people who identify in some way as Black and allies. Every month, we'll feature a different topic that needs to be explored. Join us this month for a conversation about gender and being Black facilitated by Cookie Garrett, Loren Smith, and Xan Carter.


Game Night with LGBTQ Connection & Positive Images

LGBTQ Connection

Wednesday, March 31st | 6pm | DM instagram @ssuhub or @lgbtqsonoma for Zoom link

It’s time for friendly competition with our local LGBTQ non-profit organizations! Come hang out with The HUB, Positive Images, and LGBTQ Connection for game night! We will have a variety of games and hangout rooms to choose from, including Among Us and Jackbox. Swing through! DM us on instagram at @ssuhub or @lgbtqsonoma or email Jor at for the Zoom link. 


Trans Inclusive Sex Ed: Safer Sex & Sex Toys

Planned Parenthood Logo

Thursday, April 1st | 12pm | Join Zoom

Most SexEd courses neglect to mention sexual health practices that are specific to queer and trans people. Planned Parenthood wants to change that. Join our workshop about safer sex and sex toys! 

Colorful QTs

Colorful QTs: Support for Queer and Trans Students of Color

Thursday, April 1st | 6pm | Join Zoom

Colorful QTs is a weekly, student-led safe space for queer and trans students of color to come together to have discussions, build community, and uplift queer and trans students of color.


Transfeminine & Trans Femme Panel

Trans Feminine Flag

Friday, April 2nd | 12-1:30pm | Join Zoom

This panel will bring together trans feminine and trans femme folks from Sonoma State, Sonoma County, and beyond. Moderated by SSU students, panelists will speak about being trans feminine/femme at the intersection of other identities and experiences.


  • Jor Grapentine
  • Atiya McGhee
  • Li Miles
  • Esperanza Santos

Click here to learn more about the panelists!

Trans & Gender Questioning Group

Trans Group logo

Friday, April 2nd | 4pm | Join Zoom

Led by students, in collaboration with The HUB Cultural Center, Trans & Gender Questioning group is a space for trans and gender questioning students to find support and community, learn information about trans- specific and affirming resources, and share experiences about gender. Email Jor at with questions.

Healthy Masculinity Workshop

Healthy Masculinity Workshop

Monday, April 5th | 1-2:30pm | Join Zoom

How do societal roles and expectations influence our relationship to our masculinity? What role does the patriarchy and its byproduct toxic masculinity have in inhibiting our ability to be fully present in the spectrum of our experience and live authentically as men? What insights do trans masculine individuals bring to the conversation of masculinity? We will explore these issues as we look at the concept of healthy masculinity. This workshop is geared toward transgender and cisgender men, as well as masculine individuals. 

Facilitators: Orlando O'Shea (SSU student and community organizer), Dylan Marie Alter (community member), and Mel Browning (SSU CAPS therapist)

Click here to learn more about our workshop facilitators. 

Transphobia Workshop

Transphobia workshop

Wednesday, April 7th | 4-5:30pm | Join Zoom

Where does transphobia originate from? How is it perpetuated by the media and political groups? How does its focus on trans women in the media tie into the patriarchy? How is transphobia especially harmful to those with intersecting marginalization? Why is intersectional feminism important? Why are microaggressions harmful? How can we be better allies to the transgender community? Join us as we create space to explore the complex issue of transphobia. This workshop is geared toward allies interested in learning about the impacts of transphobia. Trans individuals are welcome, although some topics may be triggering for trans community members. 

Facilitators: Orlando O'Shea (SSU student and community organizer) and Mel Browning (SSU CAPS therapist), and Ariel Erskine (community member)

Click here to learn more about our workshop facilitators.