Cultural Graduation Celebrations :  The Cultural Graduation Celebrations provide students with the opportunity to publicly thank the people who helped them on their journey. They also honor the importance of overcoming barriers within higher education and affirm the different paths that lead to academic success.
Social Justice Library :  The HUB has an expansive library that ranges from feminist theory to zen methods, and it is open to the SSU community.  The HUB is the epitome of sharing knowledge and narratives. Books are just one mode, a powerful one, that has the power to broaden minds, perspectives, and community.

The HUB Cultural Center fosters connection. We cultivate meaningful conversation and build community within and between diverse cultures. Our programs and events focus on inclusivity, equity, and community-building.  Overall, we provide opportunities for students to expand their worldviews, deepen their awareness of who they are in relation to others and place, and to feel at home in a community that cares about and works toward a vital and just society.

We are located in the Office of the President as an integral part of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  The HUB often collaborates with other campus departments (e.g., Student Involvement, Associated Students, the DREAM Center, Disability Services for Students, etc.) and offers support for students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, and staff.