Our Services

Here are some of the services that we can offer you. Even if it's not on this list, swing by and ask for what you need - even if we don't have the particular resource you need, we can connect you someone who does!


Is there a program, event, or person that you would like see on campus? The HUB is here as a collaborator with fellow students to bring events and programs to campus. Come by and chat with a student assistant or professional staff to learn more about programming.


Are you searching for a platform to help advertise your event? Contact us at thehub@sonoma.edu if you'd like us to promote your event in our weekly newsletter, social media platforms and The HUB's TV.


The HUB has an expansive library that ranges from feminist theory to zen methods, and it is open to the SSU community.  The HUB is the epitome of sharing knowledge and narratives. Books are just one mode, a powerful one, that has the power to broaden minds, perspectives, and community. Check out a book with the student assistants and/or the professional staff.

Mini Kitchen & Food Storage

The HUB has a microwave and refrigerator. These all can be found behind the living room, parallel to the offices. We will always have snacks, fruit and tea's available to all SSU students.

Additional Support

Our doors are always open for anyone who needs a chat or more support, and we will provide resources to make sure you have what you need.