Pronouns in MySSU

In line with Sonoma State University's core values, we are pleased to announce that students can now identify their pronouns in MySSU if they wish. Pronouns will be visible in MySSU to Faculty, Advisors, and Staff.

How do I add pronouns to MySSU?

You can update your pronouns two ways:

  1. Log into SSU Online Services and click “MySSU.” Click on the “Personal Information” tile. Click on the “Pronouns” link in the left column.
  2. Log into SSU Online Services and click “MySSU.” Click on the Student Center tile. From the “Other Profile Information” drop-down menu at the bottom left of the page, select “Pronouns” and click Go.

Until you make a selection, the list defaults to “Not Listed” with blank values in the Subject/Object/Possessive fields. You can pick a prepopulated set from the Pronouns drop-down, or you can select Not Listed from the drop-down and type in your own pronouns in the Subject, Object, and Possessive fields if yours are not in the current prepopulated list.

If you specify a set of pronouns that is deemed inappropriate (e.g. contains profanity, slurs, etc.) by the Office of Diversity,  Equity, and Inclusion it will be inactivated.

Where will my Pronouns display?

Once the student has indicated a Pronoun, it will display on the Class Roster, Administrative Class Roster, Advisee Center, Student Services Center, and Student Services Ctr. (Student).

Questions or Feedback?

If you have questions about pronouns in general or why they are important visit the HUB Cultural Center pronouns website. For general questions about this website, contact Tramaine Austin-Dillon at